Tennant Truck Lines recognizes Darryl Ingle as their 2013 Driver of the Year

photoTennant Truck Lines recognizes Darryl Ingle as their 2013 Driver of the Year.  Darryl was selected from Tennant Truck Lines fleet from nearly 200 drivers.  “Darryl consistently performs at an exceptional level,” said Lee Newberry, Darryl’s Fleet Manager.  “He is always on time for his loads, communicates early and often on any issues, and has the company’s goals and values in mind when he makes decisions.  Darryl is a top performer in On-Time service and safety, and manages his Hours of Service days in advance to know what he can accomplish safely.  Darryl is a terrific example of a driving professional, and that is why he is receiving this award,” said Dave McNichols, Director of Operations for Tennant Truck Lines.

Ingle was also recognized by his Fleet Manager, Lee Newberry, who said, “Darryl has been a cornerstone of the Tennant Truck Lines team.  He always has a pleasant attitude, and is eager to help with anything we ask of him.  I can always count on Darryl getting the job done on-time, and safely.”

Ingle started driving a tractor-trailer in 1999, and was also an owner-operator for two years.  He joined the Tennant Truck Lines family in 2013, and has since exemplified the persona of what it takes to be a successful professional driver at Tennant Truck Lines.  Congratulations, Darryl!

“One of the best things life can offer you is the chance to work hard at a job worth doing.  I have been driving since 1999 and feel now is the time to share what I have learned. When the Driver Manager position became available, I knew this was the time to share my experiences within our operations department. I look forward to a very successful future.”  Darryl Ingle