Tennant driver loses 22lbs in 7 weeks with Healthy Trucker

jason-littrellTennant Truck Lines employee Jason Littrell proudly lost 22lbs in 7 weeks while utilizing the Healthy Trucker campaign.  Jason describes his experience below.

“I have lost 22 pounds already and I feel a lot better and have been sleeping better.  I go for walks whenever I have time, I do jumping jacks in the shower room, and I do stretches in my truck.  I didn’t need all the food I was eating, so I eat less and even leave food on my plate when I’ve had enough.  Filling out my food log really helps because it reminds me to keep exercising and eating healthy.  It’s gotten easy to eat healthy because now I know what choices to make at the grocery store and at the truck stop.  After losing the extra weight, I feel a lot better on the road.  I have more energy and less drowsy.  I can’t wait to see how much more weight I can lose with Healthy Trucker.”

—Andrea Morley, Healthy Trucker Nutritionist
“Jason has been a great Healthy Trucker member.  He is extremely motivated and never misses a phone consultation.  He takes all of our advice and makes it work for him and his schedule, and he contributes ideas and asks questions during calls.  If he skips a workout or slips up on eating healthy, he gets right back on track and carries on.  I am thrilled with Jason’s progress so far, and I have no doubt that he will be able to meet his future goals!”