Driver Kenny Henricks returns from 2-week missions trip in Nicaragua

Kenny has been in the transportation industry for the past 37 years in different roles. He has 25 years’ experience behind the wheel and 12 years in front of the computer. He resides in Fort Dodge IA, and is an active member of Saint Olaf Lutheran Church in Ft Dodge.

Kenny has just recently returned from a 2 week mission trip to Nicaragua. While there he worked with 2 organizations, Save a Generation and Living Waters International.

The first week he was in country he was working with Living Waters, they are an organization that builds and repairs wells in 3rd world countries. This year they rebuilt 7 wells that were very much in need of repair, restoring clean water to entire villages.

When they finished the work on the wells, he met up with the people from Save a Generation. They are a non-profit ran strictly by donations, Kenny currently sponsors 3 children. Save A Generation’s main focus is their nutrition programs that provide healthy meals to children that would otherwise have little to nothing. They also help build homes, improve infrastructure and general deeds of goodwill in and around the area. In years past when Kenny went down, they helped make improvements to a local school that included adding sidewalks and a basketball court, they have also built a church for a local village.

Kenny says that the most rewarding part of helping with these organizations is “Being able to give of his time and of himself to help people that are unable to do for themselves and knowing that you have made a positive difference in someone else’s life.” If you think that you would like to help with either of these organizations you can get information from or . Also if you see Kenny around in his cab-over Pete you can stop him and talk to him about it, he would be more than glad to share with you about what you can do. Not everyone has to travel far from home to make a positive impact in these children’s lives.